Do Not Grow Weary

Updated: Jun 15

Hello My son, this is Jehovah Elohim speaking with you this day. My loves listen closely for I Am speaking directly to your hearts . . .

By Alan Carrico

It is My will that you press into Me in this time like you have never before, for the enemy of your soul seeks to keep you from Me for he is terrified of you. The enemy is terrified of what you can do and will do for My name, and this will cause him to come after you with all his might. But as you are in Me and I in you, he will be powerless to stop you. Many of you have become weary and are beginning to lose hope of seeing My move upon the earth and in your lives, and you have begun to slumber in your calling. When the enemy sees this, his attacks come more furiously to keep you away from Me, so it is imperative that you waken, lift your Sword – which is the Word of God – and wield it mightily against the enemy’s attacks.

My loves, just because I haven’t moved as quickly as you supposed, or that I move in a different way than you thought, it doesn’t mean that I have left you to yourselves. Far from it! My prophet, Isaiah, spoke of the coming of My Son to the earth and gave detailed descriptions of how He would be crucified and die, and yet My people missed it. Over 700 years passed from the time of His writing to the time of its fulfillment, so do not think that I Am slow or I have forgotten, for all that I have written will surely come to pass. Do not grow weary; do not become disillusioned; and do not think that I have forsaken you, for these are of the enemy. Stand, My loves, and step into your roles as My mighty army and together we will defeat the enemy. I AM!