Do Not Be Deceived

The masses (of people) that have grown accustomed to convenience in this world will be shaken . . .

By: Amanda White

My children, you have been spoiled for so long that you don’t see the deception of the mirage right in front of you. So for this I say to you who do not question their surroundings, look again. Or you will not see what is coming to America next. Do not be deceived by the fools in this world. I am your Lord God, King of all kings, the God of the most high. Do not focus your energy on worthless idols, but on He who provides for you and loves you unconditionally. It grieves me so that my children have looked to sin instead of their creator, the God of the Angels in Heaven. For this you will be judged by the great shaking.

There is still time, but soon the clock will not be ticking. Repent and make right with me before my second coming. Awaken my children, awaken my church. Do not be deceived, for I am coming soon. Those who are not obedient to me in their faith will fall hard into the deceptions of this world and perish. Focus on my light, and I shall lead you to Me - to glory.”

God bless you,

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