Disturbing: People Turning Into Magnets

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As people take more and more Covid Vaccines, they receive more parts or components into their body to ultimately control them and bring them into full submission to the anti-christ, when he takes full power. One of the components is Magnetism. This Magnetism comes from Graphine Oxide and Hydrogel that is injected with the vaccine. It is a deadly poison that is killing many people who have received the vaccine. The purpose for it will be to pick up radio frequency so that a person can eventually be monitored and controlled.

At this stage a person can repent to God and stop taking vaccines. They still can have salvation, but they may die earlier in life. The more vaccines you take, the more you will not be able to repent, and the more you will be turned over to the Beast System. The Vaccine is not the Mark of the Beast, but it is a precursor or stepping stone to the Mark of the Beast. The closer you step to the Beast System, the more you cannot turn back and you will be lost forever.

I highly warn Christians and Non Christians to not take this vaccine or any future vaccines of any kind, since the Government and the Health Care System can never be trusted. God made you with the best immune system that you can possibly have. Trust in God only and live. Surrender your life to Jesus before it is too late for you.

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