Disturbing News: Christians Giving In To Taking Vaccine

Updated: Jul 22

I am deeply saddened as I start to hear of more and more stories of Christians knowingly and willingly taking the Covid Vaccine, even though they have either been warned against it, or at one time they were against taking it . . . By: OTG Ministry

I have been hearing stories of Christians taking the Vaccine just to go on a vacation. I have heard multiple stories of them saying that since the Vaccine is not the Mark of the Beast, it should be ok to take it.

Although the Vaccine is not the Mark of the Beast, it is a precursor to the Mark of the Beast. It has a spiritual and physical connection to the Mark of the Beast. I cannot fully explain how that is possible, but you need to trust me on that. It is also a major test from God. It is a test of trusting God. Many, many Christians will fall away from God by taking the Mark of the Beast because they never learned to trust in God for their provisions and with their very own lives. God is sending this Vaccine to start to sort the wheat from the tares. It is a testing and learning experience to grow closer to God and to trust in Him for our provisions. Those who come through this testing of NOT taking the Vaccine will become spiritually stronger and even closer to God. They will be much more able to resist taking the Mark of the Beast in the near future. If you cannot resist the Vaccine because you want to take a vacation, how on earth are you going to resist taking the Mark of the Beast? Christians just think it will be super easy to resist the Mark of the Beast, but it won't. This is why there will be a great falling away during that time.

A few weeks ago I read prophetic words that said that God will have Grace on some people who didn't know the ramifications of taking the vaccine and He will heal some of them. It also said that the Christians who were warned and yet still took the vaccine will end up dying. They may not die immediately, but they will die sooner then they should have. I recently heard that the Government is getting ready to require the third dose of Vaccine that will kill many more people then the first and second dose did. So once you start taking the vaccine, you will need to take another and another, until it finally kills you. Then you will have to face God and try to explain why you never trusted in Him and then Jesus may say to you, "depart from me, I never knew you." This is how serious it is to NOT take the Vaccine.

It is very possible in the near future that you will need to take the Covid Vaccine in order to keep your job and to even buy groceries at the store. It is very important that you start coming up with a Plan B. For example, my daughters are both RN's and they will eventually lose their jobs because of refusing to take the Vaccine. They are citizens of the both the USA and Canada, so their plan is to do travel Nursing and travel and work at the jobs that don't require a vaccine in either Canada or the USA. Eventually they will still end up losing their jobs. In that case, we plan on renting out some bedrooms in our basement to people and that should give us an extra income. Either way, I would rather live in a tent and starve to death then take the vaccine. However, that will never happen because God takes care of His true children.

I highly warn you to not take the vaccine and to have a backup plan. Trust in God only and never trust the Government or the Healthcare System. Thank you for reading and may God bless you!