Disturbing Footage: Devastating Effects of Covid Vaccine

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It is extremely important that people see the devastating effects of the Covid Vaccine, even though it is disturbing. Not only is this Vaccine killing people, but it is destroying people's health. People might ask, "where is God in all of this suffering?" It is actually mostly Christians that are standing up against this vaccine and warning people. God has been warning people through His children, but so many people think Christians are "Crazy Bible Thumping Weirdos," to put it lightly. Yet, I knew right from the very beginning of this Covid Agenda that I was never going to take the vaccine. How did I know that? Because God told me so through His Holy Spirit. No one had to tell me about the dangers of the Vaccine. God takes care of His true children and He protects them from harm, if they listen to Him and are obedient to the urging and conviction of the Holy Spirit.

So where is God in all of this suffering and death? He has been right there the whole time if most people would have bothered to seek Him. Had you bothered to ask God if taking the Covid Vaccine was a good idea, He probably would have answered that prayer and saved you from tremendous suffering and death. If you want to know how to become saved through Jesus Christ . . . Click Here

Thank you for watching and may God bless you and protect you!

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