Covid19: Certificate of Vaccination ID

Updated: Jul 17

The Holy Spirit is pressing these words to be shared at this moment:

The vaccine will be introduced by the start of the new year . . .

By: MJ

Your local schools, doctor’s offices, hospitals and churches, yes churches, will tell you that it is in your best interest to be vaccinated against COVID19. Do you know what COVID really stands for? Certificate of Vaccination Identification. There will be a way to ID or identify whether or not you have had your vaccination. The vaccine will be voluntary at first, but the vast majority will gladly take it. Those who refuse the vaccine will be ostracized by the majority and looked upon as villains. Those who refuse the vaccine will be made to look like the scapegoats and will be excluded from participating in society. Without your Certificate of Vaccination ID, you will be hated by all. Eventually the Antichrist will declare war on those who refuse the vaccine, the majority being Bible-believing Christians. Only those who have the Holy Spirit of Truth inside of them will be able to stand their ground in defense of the Word of God. Many will bow to the pressure and take the easy way out, doing anything to get their normal life back. But there is no going back now. Your are either on the Lord’s side, the side of truth, or the side of the enemy which leads to death. This has been written long ago and it is coming to pass, quickly now.