Concentration Camps Coming Soon

Updated: 3 days ago

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Everything is moving very fast now. I have heard multiple times now that we are in the First Seal of Revelation, which is very possible. Many years ago I heard of dreams/visions that had warned these camps were coming. There have been multiple FEMA Camps built all around the USA and they have been mostly empty and ready to take in large amounts of people. They call them Internment Camps, FEMA Camps or Quarantine Camps, but make no mistake, they are extermination camps or concentration camps. They will play a big role in the 5th Seal, which is the Martyr Seal.

The US Military is currently storing at least 30,000 state of the art guillotines that will be used to kill those who oppose the Government in any way (anti-vaxxers) and Christians, and possibly Jews. You will be lined up in front of a guillotine and forced to deny Jesus or have your head cut off. You will possibly be tortured as well. This will all happen in these so called "quarantine camps."

One way they plan on getting you into these camps is to arrest those who refuse to take the vaccine. This is why soon enough, anti-vaxxers and Christians will have to go into hiding. People will eventually line up to enter into these wicked camps because there will be a famine and starvation (3rd and 4th Seal) and these camps will offer food to eat. They will act like they are there to help you, (FEMA) but it is only a trap. However, God will call some Christians to enter into these Camps to preach the Gospel to those who are lost. God will also want some Christians to be martyred in these camps, because it is God's will and plan for them. True Martyrs are basically given a golden ticket into Heaven. God will also want some Christians to flee and not be anywhere near these camps.

Stop thinking that you are going to be raptured out of here and escape these things. If you keep thinking about a pre-trib rapture then you are not preparing yourself for the tremendous suffering and sorrow that is coming very soon. Trust in God and step away from the world and the things of the world. Read your Bible, pray daily and repent of your sins. Make sure you are Born Again and filled with the Holy Spirit and He will guide you.

Thank you for reading and may God bless you!

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