Can Generational Curses Be Broken?

Updated: Jun 9

There are many Christians who either don't believe in Generational Curses or they believe that they can easily be broken . . .

By: OTG Ministry

Unfortunately, I have had first hand experience with a generational curse in my family. For example, I had a severely autistic brother who had ADHD and one of the most severe cases of epilepsy that the doctors had ever seen. In fact, he was basically having seizures 24/7. He broke his nose from slamming into things so many times, since he was a baby, that it was just a normal everyday occurrence for him to break his nose. His seizures were so severe that I would see him stand and then do a front flip in the air and land on his back while having a seizure. He was born normal and beautiful and then at 9 months old (1969) everything hit him. (severe autism, severe epilepsy, severe adhd) At that time our biological father was doing very bad things. Just think of the worst sins that a man can do and my father did it, and even worse. My biological father was and still is wicked to his core, from what I heard. To give you just a small idea of how wicked he was . . . before I was born he tried killing my mother and my older siblings in a house fire to get insurance money, but my mom was able to get them all out and to safety in time. She forgave him and never reported the incident. Years later my father also made it known to my mother that he was going to drown my handicapped brother and make it look like an accident, since he thought my brother was "useless." My mother stopped him from murdering my handicapped brother that day. Again, my mother forgave him and never reported the incident.

My older sister, who is a Christian prayed multiple times for our handicapped brother, and she got other Christians to lay hands over him and cast out demons out of him, just like Jesus did to the person with epilepsy. She prayed many times against any generational curses that were upon him. None of it worked. However, she was able to get my brother to repeat the sinner's prayer and he did seem to change a bit for the better from that, even though he had no clue what he was saying. He could repeat things, but he couldn't articulate a full sentence.

My brother died a few years ago of stomach cancer when he was 46 years old. He finally has peace now and for the first time in his life, he is not seizing and slamming his face into tables. I really prayed about my brother to God and I asked God why my brother had to suffer so badly for 46 years. I kept getting this feeling that my brother took the brunt (so to speak) of my father's wicked sins that he did and that my father still does to this day. (He is in his 80's now) There has to be consequences for sin in this life and for eternal life. My biological father will pay a heavy price for his wickedness for all eternity, but while on this earth he seems to do well. I personally have not talked to him in over 22 years, and from what I have heard, my biological father is perfectly happy with his life and he likes the fact that his children don't talk to him. He always thought we were all useless to him and a burden to him. It is possible that God is allowing him a good life now because he will suffer so bad for eternity, unless he repents. Either way I have forgiven my biological father and I pray that God will have Grace and Mercy on him.

I believe my brother bore the curse of the tremendous sins our biological father did. However, in God's incredible Grace, God will probably not hold my brother accountable for eternity because he was severely mentally handicapped for his whole life. In fact, about a year after my brother died, I had an amazing dream where I saw my brother with his resurrected body. He was wearing all white, had a glow to him, he was fully healed and he was stunning to look at. My brother was handsome on earth, but in his glorified body, he was stunningly handsome. He had a beautiful and peaceful smile and he recognized me. Then in the dream, he gave me the warmest and kindest hug, and then I woke up. My brother had a terrible life on earth, but I believe one day I will see him again in Heaven and he will be an amazing and fully healed brother. In my brother's case it was in God's will for there to be a curse on my brother while on earth, but that he will probably be in Heaven and have peace and joy for all eternity. My sister and fellow Christians prayed for him many times to break the generational curse on him and it never happened. It just wasn't God's will for him.

Another true story I heard of was an American family whose children and grandchildren were mostly unemployed and in prison. The Christian elders of the family realized that there was a generational curse over the family and got together and prayed for the family to be free from the curse. There was a massive healing in the family and many family members were released from jail early, gave their lives to Jesus and became upstanding citizens. In that case it was God's will for the family to pray and break the curse.

The Bible mentions “generational curses” in several places (Exodus 20:5; 34:7; Numbers 14:18; Deuteronomy 5:9). Generational curses usually come down on children or generations of children due to the sins (iniquity) of their father.

If you feel there is a generational curse over someone, then all you can do is pray to God and ask for the curse to be broken. However, you must understand that God answers prayers for His Glory, and His ways are not our ways. God will break a curse if He wants to and only if He wants to. (In Jesus Mighty Name) "And this is the confidence that we have in him, that, if we ask anything according to his will, he heareth us". 1 John 5:14 There are some good videos and prayers out there to break generational curses. Here are some links to get you started . . .

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Thank you for reading and may God bless you!

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