Announcement: I Have Created A Covid Vaccine Page

I have created a new page on my website where I will document the Death and Ill Effects of the Covid Vaccine. Christians have been trying to warn people to trust in God and not worry about a silly Covid Virus. Christians have been trying to warn people to stay away from the deadly Covid Vaccine. If I document proof of how toxic and deadly it is, then maybe people will take it serious.

If you have received your first vaccine shot then do not get the second shot. If you have received the vaccine then there is a possibility that you will die, which is why it is very important that you get your life right with God and fully surrender your life to Jesus. God will heal some people but many people will die or become very sick from taking the vaccine within the next few years

CLICK HERE to visit my new web page and please note that I will be adding more and more victims to the page as the death toll rises. May God have mercy on them.