Amazing Near Death Experience With Demons and Angels

When I was 15, I took LSD for the first time not fully comprehending the implications of doing so . . . By: Sam

About an hour and a half later I still felt nothing and asked my friend for another hit of gel tabs. We then went back to his home where I started to feel a little strange, but I had been high on marijuana before, so nothing seemed out of the ordinary. We went to my so-called friends older sister's room at his parents house and he asked his sister for some marijuana to smoke. She asked if we wanted some "dust." I did not know at the time that dust meant PCP. I took it and I ended up in a demonic dimension we're humans were golf balls on a rotating conveyor belt that dropped us onto a driving range. When it was my turn to be dropped from this machine I noticed that I was hundreds of feet high, I could feel the wind and I could hear the roar of 2 horrible-looking Giants in late 1800 Scottish golf attire laughing at us. When I dropped I felt the G-Force like going straight down on a roller coaster and landed on the driving green. The red-haired giant, which was approximately 500 or so feet tall looked at the dark-haired one and laughed and drove/hit me across a large Lake and I landed on an island green, where I went into the hole for a hole-in-one.

I then found myself in my friends kitchen where he turned into a demon in front of my eyes with green slime and sharp teeth. His ears grew and his eyes turned yellow. Also the dog in the room that was in a cage turn to a demon. Every time the dog barked, it grew and grew and started to fill the entire room. I was so scared that I broke through his sliding glass window and ran down the street. My friend said that I ran faster than he'd ever seen anybody run in his life. While I ran I noticed that everything was getting darker. None of the houses had color anymore. The trees were not green and the lawns were not green anymore but everything turned grey, then darker and darker. Then all of the sudden the lights turned out completely. I did not know at the time but I was in the place where the Bible speaks of the Outer Darkness where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth.

Unbeknownst to me, I was then hit by a car and the EMS driver picked me up in the ditch about a mile from my buddies house. My soul kept trying to return to my body and when it finally did, I was inside an ambulance and they were asking me what I took and what happened, and that I had been hit by a car. I remember my blood pressure being 210 / 180. Then all of a sudden, like a snap of a finger I was back in absolute terror of outer darkness. The only light was a light above my head with the perimeter around me up about 10 or so feet. I could see the silhouettes and the eyes of the demons in the outer darkness that could not penetrate the light, but I understood their language and they were telling me they were going to rip me apart and laughed because I did not know Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.

All of a sudden the light started to fade from around me and the perimeter got closer and closer to my body to the point where one of the demons was able to get his claws in my flesh and I could feel his hair, and he was a massive beast. Because there was just a small amount of light it was like being on novocain at the dentist you could feel pressure but no real pain. It was utter hopelessness and terror indescribable. When you are in the darkness, you know the truth about everything, nothing is hidden. You have extreme clarity and you understand where you are, why you're there and that you will never be able to leave for all eternity, that you are stuck there in torment. As the light was almost gone I remember falling to my knees and at this point the demons had me in chains when I called out to the Lord Jesus Christ for the first time in my life truly. Then all of a sudden the chains begin to break one by one. I got to the point where I could get my legs out and start running towards this light and it was a light like I've never seen. It was brighter than any light here in this world. I broke the chains and like a flash of light, I wound up in an orb floating on what looked to be operating table. To the right of me was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen and the only explanation was she was an angel. Her hair was gold and she literally sang songs as she floated over to my bedside, she did not speak from her mouth, but from her heart and she touched my shoulder very gently and said, "We have you now and you are going to be just fine."

The orb that I was in was approximately 15 feet wide by 8 feet tall. There was also a man on board, he was an African-American looking man, very strong and he did not say a word. As soon as I saw him I wept because every time I heard a racist song or friends said the n-word it came flooding back to my mind and I felt truly convicted. He was looking up at something like a screen and he was touching it like a touchscreen directing this orb. The Lady Angel looked at him in almost disbelief and said in the most gentle voice I've ever heard, "I can't believe we were actually able to save this one because he was so far gone!"

Then she took large needle-like rod's that were rainbows and stuck them into both of my arms, at this time I could feel the force of gravity lifting us up at an accelerating rate. As we were accelerating up instead of blood total darkness came out of me blacker than any black I've ever seen floating like when you see astronauts in so-called outer space all around the cabin of the orb. I understood that blood is the life and in the Outer Darkness you do not have blood and you literally become the darkness. After all of the tar like blood came out of me like a flash the orb disappears and I'm flying in a rainbow tunnel of light, next thing I know I'm in the emergency room, they had cleared the entire right side of the floor and had a team surrounding me. I was in spirit form hovering looking down at me, but not realizing that I wasn't in my body. I remember I had defecated on myself and a pretty young nurse was tasked to undress me and I was yelling at her but she couldn't hear me when I told her that "I'm okay look I'm right here I'm fine!" I remember looking into the pupils of my eyes and I did not blink I remember how dilated they were that they had to put solution in my eyes every so often. I was able to look around the room across to the other rooms, but I still didn't know I wasn't in my body, so I was getting upset. I thought I was fine.

All of a sudden there were these men dressed in what I thought were potato bags, but I now know is sack cloth robes with hoods. These men circled my bed with their arms crossed over their heart they began to what I can only assume was a prayer to put me back into my physical body. The next day I was in the recovery room and had EKG leads and IV tubes all over my body. And for about five seconds I knew all the secrets of the universe. I remember getting out of bed and shouting to call our local newspaper because I have so much to say about everything in this world and the afterlife. But after just a Split Second all but a few memories vanished from my mind. I was drawn to the door and a little boy stopped at my door turned to me and without moving his lips like the angel in the orb told me this was my second chance. He smiled with a twinkle in his eye began to walk down the hallway once again. I wanted to thank him so I ripped my IVs and EKG leads off and was at the door in 3 seconds and the young boy was gone!

I have never told this story on any social media platform before and some people might say it was just a bad trip. But I believe LSD and other hallucinogens open up doorways to demonic portals that may never be shut if you go so far down that rabbit hole like I was. I want no one, not even my worst enemy to experience that level of torment. Jesus Christ is the Way, He is the Truth and He is the Life, and no man or woman comes to the Father without knowing Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Please accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior before it's too late! Brothers and sisters we are not promised or guaranteed one more second on this Earth, do you know where you will go when you die? I have heard of fire and brimstone and I'm sure there's such places, but to be in utter darkness and despair with demons is unimaginable. I will share one of the truths I was able to take back with me . . . when a child dies in this world albeit tragically, untimely or by abortion those children become Warrior angels for the Kingdom of Heaven. In my open vision while I was in the Darkness I was standing at the precipice of a large pit with smoke coming out of it. Behind me was a red sky with mountains all around this crevasse. All of a sudden the earth started to tremble around me and over the mountains there were what appeared to be shock waves that were sound coming down the mountain over me and down into the pit. As the sound grew louder I could hear the voices singing our God is an Awesome God! After a period of time as a sound grew and grew I saw what appeared to be countless legions of children that were armored not unlike Spartan gladiators with wings and I knew that these children had perished early and they're being used as an Unstoppable Force against the enemy! Peace be with you all! Glory to the King of Kings our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

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