A Tempest Is Brewing

Updated: Jun 15

My Son, Tell My Body — A TEMPEST IS BREWING . . .

Written By: Byron Searle

Fierce winds of change will buffet My Body, blowing many of them away. They are not prepared for the battles that are coming. They have not prepared their houses nor their hearts. Wretched evil people are wrapped up in this Tempest who want nothing more than to destroy everything in their path.

Woe to you my Body, for you have not sought me in prayer! Instead, you are trusting a man to bring calmness. Yet all he will bring is bondage.

The Tempest blows across this Nation and the World, bringing with it torrential rains of pain and suffering. Many things are being drawn into this Tempest, and death and destruction are its offspring. The violence brought about by the Tempest will continue to grow stronger as more and more people are drawn into it. Skin color does not matter as the Tempest will drive men to hate and kill. Men will dance in the tempest because of the destruction it brings. War is near at hand as the Tempest swirls the hatred as a whirlpool in the sea.

Soon, all will be drawn into war, but I tell you My Body, stay out of the whirlpool. Though you live in this world, it is not your home. My Kingdom, which I have prepared for you is your home. Repent, Repent!! For the Kingdom of out Great God is at hand! Turn from your wicked, evil ways, and follow Me.

The Tempest will not let up. It will grow and grow stronger, daring the world into it. War like you have never seen is now at your borders, and your watchmen have fallen asleep.

The blood of many will cry out to Me to avenge them, and I will strengthen the Tempest. For you see, I AM allowing the Tempest to stir men's hearts to repentance. However, this sleeping Body believes they do not need to repent.

I will allow the Tempest to grow, taking everything you call "Holy."

I will start with taking peace, then the food.

I will lock you down, but you will rebel.

I will take your money and then your freedom.

Through all of this, you, my rebellious, stiff-necked Body, will still resist me. Many of you are bewildered, looking for an escape, instead of walking in faith and prayer.

The Tempest will rage strong and my Body will hit the floor and be on their bloody knees. Do not look for the king (leader) to bring about anything but "iron yokes." Captivity is your future and submission is the law.

Repent my people, repent! Soon repentance will be an after-thought and it will be too late. I love you very much, and correction is needed for a spoiled child. Repent Now! Amen

Given by the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ