7 Weeks Warning

My son, I have now released you to warn My people. In SEVEN WEEKS, the Destruction of a once God-fearing Nation will start . . .

By: Byron Searle

This Destruction will continue until this vile Nation no longer exists. The people DO NOT SEEK ME for guidance, instead turn to witchcraft and divination to satisfy their souls. My son, just as I gave Joseph SEVEN YEARS to prepare during the Fat Years, so too I give My people SEVEN WEEKS to prepare during the Lull.

After the SEVEN WEEKS, will begin a TIME OF TESTING. During this time, many will turn away from Me. Many will report those who worship Me for a reward. My son, these people have sinned a great sin, turning to other (g)ods to save them. The NEXT WAVE is now breaking, and most do not even see it. I have warned My people who have ears to hear, and they are ready. Sadly, many of My people have chosen to ignore and even mock My true prophets and watchmen. They will be the ones who will cry out to Me, and I will not hear. They will fast and give away things, but I will not accept it. My son, the Army from the North prepares to come in and take the spoils of this land. Those who fight will die. Those who submit will live in captivity. Many of My children will choose wrong and will perish, just as they did in Jerusalem. Jeremiah warned and warned, but when Babylon came into the city, all who fought died. So it will be with America. SEVEN WEEKS to get your house in order and prepare your heart. GREAT DARKNESS IS COMING.

My son, shout REPENT NOW! Turn from your wicked, selfish ways! Turn to Me for cleansing and restoration. SEVEN WEEKS TO PREPARE. SEVEN WEEKS TO THE BEGINNING OF THE END. DARKNESS will fall, and no one will believe. Be ready for the DARKNESS. Evil will rule in the DARKNESS. I say, Repent now. Ask, and I will hear. Now is the Time for Salvation. SEVEN WEEKS — THE COUNTDOWN HAS BEGUN. BE PREPARED. I love you, My children. Now is the Time to Repent. Amen. SEVEN WEEKS. Given by the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

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