4 Reasons To Run From John MacArthur

It absolutely boggles my mind that many Christians follow and idolize John MacArthur when he has shown himself to be a very dangerous Pastor . . . By: OTG Ministry

How blind do you have to be to follow him? I have talked about this subject on a video, but some people don't watch my videos, so I will post it on this blog. It is very important that John MacArthur is exposed because he will lead many people right to the Mark of the Beast. He will deliver his followers right into the hands of the Antichrist and God will allow it as punishment to those who idolize John MacArthur. If you cannot discern the deception of John MacArthur then how will you ever make it through the difficult times ahead.

4 Reasons to Run From John MacArthur

1. John MacArthur stated that people who take the Mark of the Beast will be forgiven because God understands they will need to take the Mark in order to eat. Do you realize how destructive this statement is and how many people will take the Mark of the Beast because John Mac. said it was ok? Even if John Mac. taught everything else perfectly and just got this one thing wrong, this means that he is so incredibly lost and should never have a teaching position. Those who tithe to him and encourage him may have to answer for encouraging a man that taught such a damnable teaching.

2. John MacArthur probably believes it is ok to take the Mark of the Beast because he stated that the "Baptism of the Holy Ghost is not of God and not for today." Yet, Jesus said you must become "Born Again," which means that you must be Baptized or filled with the Holy Ghost. (Holy Spirit) This is absolutely a must or you cannot enter into Heaven. You are saved by the whole Godhead . . . by the Grace of God, through faith in Jesus Christ and by the power of the Holy Spirit, that you may become Born Again. There is no other way to be saved. Yet, John Mac believes that you are saved only by the Grace of God, and through faith in Jesus, and he completely disregards the Holy Spirit. This is why John Mac cannot discern that we must never take the Mark of the Beast. It is because he is not Born Again and only has head knowledge of things of the Bible. This is another reason that he is not fit to teach or to be a Pastor.

3. John MacArthur believes in the Trinity in that God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit are 3 separate beings. This is a Catholic teaching and it is not of God. This may also explain why John Mac. doesn't believe in being Born Again. (See #2) God is one and yet has 3 distinct parts, whom is God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son and the Holy Spirit. They work as a single unit, yet have their own separate functions. Just think of an egg. It is 1 egg and yet it has three distinct parts . . . shell, yolk and egg white. Each distinct part has a very different function and yet all three parts are 1 in the same . . . an egg. This knowledge of the Godhead is something that comes from the Holy Spirit, so if a person is not Born Again, like John MacArthur, then they won't understand the Godhead. The danger in this thinking is it just shows yet again that John Mac is not Born Again and should not be teaching if he does not understand the importance of the Godhead and how they function together.

4. John MacArthur is rich and greedy. John Mac is so greedy and prideful/arrogant, that he actually sells the John MacArthur Bible. It is important to understand that he doesn't just sell the Bible, he sells the "John MacArthur Bible." He knows that the Holy Bible is one of, if not the most sold book in the world, so he wanted to get his fair share of the profits. How greedy does someone have to be to put their name on the Holy Bible and sell it? Plus, he sells many other things to make merchandise out of Jesus's precious name. This greed has made his net worth to be around 15 million dollars. He owns multiple properties that he puts in other people's names in order to hide the fact that he owns multiple properties. Yet, John Mac speaks against Prosperity Gospel Preachers. How much of a hypocrite can a person be? However, in the end John Mac. cannot hide his greed from God and one day he will have to answer to the fact that while he was being greedy, children were starving to death and the homeless were freezing to death, and yet he did not help them.

There are more things I can mention about John MacArthur, but I will stop there. If you still think he is a good Pastor, then my question is are you truly Born Again, because the Holy Spirit should be convicting you to stay away from him. Either way, just pray to God and ask God to tell you the truth about John MacArthur. It is imperative that you walk away from these wolves before it is too late.

Thank you for reading and may God bless you!

Scripture Reference:

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