3 Ways To Overcome Temptation

Updated: Jun 4

Every Christian faces temptation multiple times every single day. Satan will stop at nothing to make sure you give into sin, because sin always separates you from God . . . By: OTG Ministry

Yet many Christians don't realize that overcoming temptation is relatively simple, if you have a willing and obedient heart/mind.

3 Ways To Overcome Temptation

1. Resist Temptation - Temptation is basically demonic spirits (whom have been assigned to you) that are speaking into your ears/mind/heart. They say things like . . . "it is ok to have another drink, or there is nothing wrong with watching porn." The Bible says that all you have to do is resist that temptation and the devil (his demons) will flee from you. So, all you have to do is close your laptop when you get tempted to watch porn, and read your Bible or go for a walk. That temptation to watch porn will then flee from you. It may come back the next day, but as you keep fleeing from it, the temptation will get less and less. (James 4:7)

2. Rebuke Temptation - Once you have resisted temptation, then just rebuke it, either out loud or to yourself. Just say, "I rebuke you spirit of lust in the name of Jesus Christ". . . or spirit of addiction, or you can just call it an "unclean spirit." You can do this step before you resist or after you resist temptation. It does not matter what order it is in. Those demonic spirits that are trying to tempt you will flee from you in Jesus mighty name. They may come back later on, but then you just rebuke them again. (Ephesians 6:10-12)

3. Repent to God - Even when I am tempted to sin, but haven't really given into that sin, I get into prayer right away or that same day. I talk to God about what happened, even though God already knows what happened. I reassure Him that I hate that sin (that I was tempted to do) and that I am sorry that I was even tempted to do it or think about it. You cannot repent too much to God. Repentance is what reconciles you back to God after you have sinned and it keeps you on the narrow road to Heaven. (Acts 3:19, Matthew 3:8)

Sinning can eventually derail you from the narrow road and God can even remove His Holy Spirit from you and turn you over to that sin, so you must take sinning very seriously. So, it is extremely important that you swiftly deal with the temptation to sin, before it turns into a full blown sin.

Click Here for a list of sins that are damnable for Christians to do. It is very important Christians resist the temptation to do those sins.

Thank you for reading and may God bless you!