10 Horrors of Hell

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Although there are countless horrors in hell, in this video I listed the top 10 Horrors of Hell based on many testimonials of people who were taken to hell. There are many Non Christians who believe that hell will be one big party for all eternity. This video is very important in that it warns people what will probably happen to those who reject Jesus Christ as Lord and those who are disobedient to God’s word. There are also many Christians who don't believe the many testimonials about hell. When people who were an one time an Atheist, says they were taken to hell and saw tortures and torment from demons, then I tend to believe them, since Atheists don't believe in such things. Also remember that being taken to see hell and being cast into hell are 2 completely different things. God allows some people to see hell and testify of it. Yet most people will be cast into hell and will never be able to leave there.

10 Horrors of Hell: (based on testimonies)

1. As soon as you get to hell, Satan will welcome you and maybe even thank you for doing his dirty work.  Then he will tell you how stupid (his words, not mine) you were for falling for his schemes.

2. You will hardly be able to breathe.  Every breath will feel like you are in a burning building filled with smoke and you will be gasping for breath . . . every single breath. You will beg for just one drop of water, but there is no water in hell.

3. The stench will smell like rotting corpses and burning sulfur, and it will constantly burn your nostrils.

4. You will notice the screams of the damned, which will be deafening. They grit their teeth and scream in agony 24/7 and so will you.

5. You will notice that you are in complete darkness, but you can feel creeping things in the darkness that are watching you and you will be in constant fear.

6. Then those creeping things (demons) will start to grab at you and pull you apart and stick things in you, in every part of you.  They will delight in torturing you every way possible.  They will delight in hearing your screams.

7. This will happen all while you burn and worms eat you.  As soon as you burn down to your bones, your body will renew itself and you will burn and rot again, since you cannot die.

8. You will try and seek comfort from others, but you cannot because every one is consumed with fire, torture and pain.  Can a man who is set on fire seek or give comfort?  No, he cannot because he is completely consumed with fire and so will you be.

9. In hell there is no kindness, sunshine, hugs, love, peace, or joy.  In hell there is no blade of grass, no sun, no food, no smiles, no comfort, no pleasures, no family, no sleep, no oxygen and no warmth.  In hell there is only hate, screams, terror, burning, suffering, torture, anger, anxiety, bitterness, torment, insanity, fear, etc.

10. This torture and torment will go on, NOT for 100,000 years or 1,000,000,000 years, but for all eternity.

Only Jesus Can Save You From Hell!

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