End Times &

The Rapture


 The Study of End Times 

The study of Biblical End Times and the Rapture can be rather complicated and frustrating at times.  However, it is very important that Christians keep mindful of where we are in End Times.  Christians should be encouraging each other about the return of our Lord Jesus Christ.  I have created this page to encourage and warn Christians that although Jesus is coming soon, we have a very difficult road ahead of us.  There is no pretribulation rapture that will just allow us to escape from the Tribulation that will come upon the Earth in the near future.  Yet at the same time, I do not believe that Christians are appointed to God's wrath. I encourage you to watch the video above where I go into great detail, based on scripture about what will happen to the world in the near future.  I have also made charts and timelines below to better understand of how End Times will unfold.

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 End Times Timeline 

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End Times In Chronological Order

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