Safe Haven For The Unvaccinated

I believe that we are in End Times and I am currently getting my basement ready to take in people whom God sends to me. I live in a forested area in Atlantic Canada, with a few acres. I am hoping to provide some land for people to set up their tents or to live with me in my home. 


Due to Covid Mandates, there will be many Christians and Non Christians who will lose their jobs and will need financial help and a place to stay. There is also a famine coming and I believe that I am called to prepare a safe place for people to stay at in the difficult times ahead.  Money is needed for tents, sleeping bags, wood stoves, water, and food. If you feel led to help those who have been unfairly let go from their jobs and left homeless, then please consider giving to my ministry.


Thank you and may God bless you and keep you safe!